What Is Aesthetic Dentistry?

What Is Aesthetic Dentistry?

September 22, 2022

Although some people perceive it as a luxury, aesthetic dentistry is necessary. Aesthetic dentistry involves restoring and maintaining a perfect smile. Also known as cosmetic dentistry, aesthetic dentistry services beautify the teeth, gums, and the bite.

Who Needs Aesthetic Dentistry?

This service is appropriate for anyone who has missing, chipped, or cracked teeth. It also helps correct crooked, crowded, and stained teeth. Many people believe this dentistry field focuses primarily on creating the perfect smile. However, this can be misleading; this area involves paying attention to your mouth’s natural health and function.

Types of Aesthetic Dental Procedures

You might seek the services of a dedicated dentist near you when interested in any or several of the following procedures.

  • Veneers – These are popular in aesthetic dentistry. The procedure involves filing down part of your tooth’s enamel and placing the veneers. These restorations are custom-made using either ceramic or porcelain.
  • Teeth whitening – The procedure is quite simple and yields long-lasting results. You can choose to use a home whitening kit. However, the products used can be harmful. You would be more confident if you visited a qualified cosmetic dentist near you.
  • Implants are ideal if you want to replace any missing teeth. An aesthetic dentist will use titanium screws to secure the implants into your gums. The fake tooth is made of ceramic, matching your healthy teeth. Dental implants are permanent and offer the same functionality as regular teeth.
  • Crowns – They are also known as caps and are placed to cover the damaged part of your tooth. Crowns help restore the shape, color, and function of a tooth.
  • Invisalign® – The procedure of installing an Invisalign® is less invasive. In aesthetic dentistry, Invisalign is a method of fixing crooked teeth or correcting excessively spaced teeth due to teeth twisting.
  • Dentures – These are removable replacements for your missing teeth. However, there are implant-supported dentures, which are strong and stable. These provide support and minimize dental problems like gum disease and bone deterioration.

Enjoy the Benefits of Aesthetics Dentistry Today!

Cosmetic dentistry services are available for everyone, regardless of age. Your family can keep their smile looking great and avoid future dental issues with cosmetic dentistry. To talk to a skilled dentist in north port, visit Shore Dental.