Extractions in North Port, FL

If you need tooth extractions near you, thanks to modern digital technology and sedation techniques, at Shore Dental, extractions are virtually painless.

There are several reasons for tooth extractions, including:

  • Tooth that’s broken or cracked beyond repair
  • Severe gum disease which has weakened tooth roots
  • Tooth decay that has developed and spread
  • Overcrowded dentition, or hyperdontia
  • Impacted wisdom tooth extraction

If a tooth has fractured our skilled dentists may extract a fractured tooth in pieces to prevent it from causing pain or discomfort.

Our dentists in North Port, FL will use a local anesthetic to perform extractions, so you’ll feel no pain during the procedure. We provide simple instructions for tooth extractions after care and successful tooth extraction recovery.

If an extraction is more complex, your oral surgeon at Shore Dental may use general anesthesia before the procedure. Extractions can be performed by general dentists or oral surgeons, depending on the type of extraction required.

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