Scaling and Root Planing in North Port, FL

Periodontal scaling and root planing are non-surgical and non-invasive periodontal therapies. If you have gum disease, at Shore Dental, your dentist near you, we use this process as the first line of treatment against gum disease.

Scaling and root planing involves a thorough cleaning of tooth root surfaces. Our dentists will remove tartar and plaque from the deep pockets around your teeth and smooth the tooth root to remove harmful toxins and bacteria. Some patients require multiple visits or ongoing scaling and root planing to keep gum disease at bay.

Both the scaling and root planing before and after aren’t painful, nor is the procedure itself. But if you experience any dental anxiety about tooth scaling and root planing, we are happy to offer anesthetic options.

In some cases, patients will also receive a locally applied antibiotic to combat microbial growth and reduce periodontal pockets.

Don’t struggle with gum disease related issues! At Shore Dental, we offer comprehensive and personalized gum disease treatment, including scaling and root planning. Reach out today for more information, to schedule an appointment, or if you need an emergency dentist in North Port, FL.