Partials and Full Dentures in North Point, FL

Partials and full flexible dentures are popular, comfortable restorations that are used to replace lost or missing teeth. You can remove your dentures, clean them, and replace them at home.

Partials help replace a few teeth, while full dentures are recommended for those who have lost many teeth.

Tooth loss can occur for many reasons, including:

  • Natural aging due to wear and tear of tooth enamel
  • Trauma from sporting accidents
  • Decay, cavities, or gum disease
  • Abscesses or infections that may need an extraction

At our dental office in North Port, FL., we suggest full dentures for patients who are missing several teeth in a row. Getting properly customized dentures help you chew, speak, and smile without any discomfort. Replacing the missing teeth will also improve your facial structure and appearance.

How Partials Work

Permanent partial dentures consist of one or more prosthetic teeth attached to the base. Our dentists will take accurate impressions and send the measurements to a dental lab to fabricate the partials.

Partials may be attached to other teeth with the help of metal clasps or other more aesthetic connectors such as precision attachments. Many patients prefer precision attachments as they appear natural and blend in with your dental arch.

Shore Dental is pleased to offer personalized, comfortably fitted affordable dentures partial near you, or full dentures near you. Call us today!