Exams & Cleanings in North Port, FL

When it comes to safeguarding your oral well-being, you can never go wrong with preventive dentistry. After all, it has been said that prevention is better than cure. The same holds true for dental care. Dental exams and cleanings are among the most crucial preventive dental procedures. For continued oral health, you need to see your dentist at least twice every year.

Shore Dental is a leading, multi-specialty dental practice that offers dental exams and cleanings in North Port, FL. Our pride is to see our valued patients enjoying excellent dental health, thanks to our interventions.

We welcome you to book an appointment with one of our dentists near you. Dental exams and cleanings are recommended for patients of all ages, so bring be sure to book appointments for your loved ones as well.

What to Expect

During your appointment, our dentists in North Port, FL begin by conducting a thorough evaluation to determine if you’re showing signs that may indicate dental problems. We’ll check for cavities, signs of gum inflammation, signs of bite problems as well as perform oral cancer screening. Our dentists are trained in the identification of dental issues that are invisible to the untrained eye. We also utilize superior dental technology to catch those hidden cavities and other problems before they escalate.

The second portion of your appointment involves thorough, professional cleaning, also known as dental prophylaxis. During dental prophylaxis, the dentist or dental hygienist focuses on eliminating plaque and tartar deposits from your mouth. When left to accumulate, plaque and tartar often lead to cavities and periodontal disease.

Importance of Regular Exams and Cleanings

For children and adults alike, regular dental exams and cleanings are a crucial aspect of dental well-being. Seeing the dentist regularly, even when you don’t have noticeable problems, allows you to get ongoing support from a dental professional. Brushing and flossing at home are essential components of dental hygiene but aren’t enough to ensure continued oral health.

The best way to defeat cavities, gum disease, and other dental complications is by keeping a close eye on your teeth through regular dental exams and cleanings near you. You can avoid expensive and invasive restorative dental treatments by choosing to be diligent about preventive dentistry.

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