Dental Implants in North Port, FL

Our team at Shore Dental recommends getting missing teeth replaced at the earliest. You can select from a comprehensive array of restorations such as crowns, bridges, partials or full dentures, and dental implants near you.

Why Choose Dental Implants?

Dental implants are becoming popular, owing to their multiple benefits. Here are some reasons why patients prefer them over other restorations:

  • Prevents Bone Loss: Unlike crowns, bridges, or dentures, implants connect the tooth to the jawbone and stimulate bone mass.
  • Restores Your Smile: Our dentists in North Port, FL, will work closely with you to find the right color, shape, and size of dental implants for your unique requirements. No one except you and the dentist will know which teeth are dental implants.
  • Restores Your Bite: Implants are firmly fastened to the jaw bone, and you can use them to bite with as much force as your natural teeth. Other restorations like crowns and bridges sit on top of the gums and cannot restore your natural bite to the full extent.
  • Implants Enable Clear Speech: Missing teeth, inconvenient gaps, and ill-fitting dentures can interfere with your ability to speak. Dental implants allow you to speak fluently, confidently, and clearly.
  • They Are Not Prone to Cavities: Although you need to care for your implants, they are made of a material that cannot decay.

Are You An Ideal Candidate for Dental Implants in North Port, FL?

One of our trained dentists near you will examine your gums, teeth structures, and nerves to determine if you’re eligible for dental implants. Most patients can get dental implants with very few exceptions.

Exceptions may include growing children, heavy smokers/drinkers, patients with certain health conditions like immune or nerve tissue disorders. Dental implants offer numerous benefits that other restorations are unable to provide, and they are designed to last for life.

Please feel free to contact Shore Dental for an appointment today. Our expert dental team will determine your eligibility for dental implants.