Emergency Dentistry in North Port, FL

Are you experiencing mouth pain or discomfort? Have you suffered a dental trauma? If so, you may need emergency dental care near you.

But first, it’s essential to distinguish between a dental emergency that requires urgent dental care, and a less critical issue. While some oral health concerns can wait for medical attention, others cannot. And if your concern needs immediate attention, Shore Dental, your emergency dental clinic is here to help.

What is a Dental Emergency?

To determine if emergency dentistry is needed, first ask yourself a few basic questions. Are you bleeding or in severe pain? Have you knocked out a tooth? Are any of your teeth loose? A loose tooth is a critical concern even without pain.

Do you have an abscess or any other signs of infection? Have you noticed swelling on your gums or face?

An emergency dental visit dentist in north port is necessary if you experience:

  •  severe pain
  • uncontrolled bleeding
  • injured teeth from accident or infection

So, if you have any of these symptoms, or have any questions about severity, call us right away at Shore Dental, your emergency dentist – North Port, FL.