Dental Bridges in North Port, FL

Dental bridges are customized restorations consisting of one or more artificial teeth to replace lost or missing teeth. One of our highly skilled dentists near you can recommend the best type of bridge based on your specific requirements.

Why Do You Need a Dental Bridge?

Dental bridges are a popular choice to restore missing teeth and can last for several years with proper care. They help maintain your facial structure, prevent your jaw and cheeks from sagging, and improve your bite.

When teeth are lost due to trauma, decay, aging, cavities, or gum disease, they make your face appear older. The chin moves forward, and the lips look thin and flattened.

Missing teeth can cause pouches to develop on either side of the lower jaw, and cores and cracks may form at the corners of your lips. Moreover, if the lost tooth is not replaced within a few days, other teeth may begin to drift out of position to fill the space. Teeth that have changed their original position are often harder to clean and are more vulnerable to decay.

Please feel free to contact Shore Dental for an appointment with one of our dentists in North Port, FL, to learn more about the most suitable dental bridges near you.

Materials Used to Make Dental Bridges in North Port, FL

Bridges can be made from porcelain, ceramics, metal, acrylic, or a combination of metal and ceramic. The right choice would depend on why you want to wear a dental bridge. For example, if the primary goal is to improve your smile, a bridge made of ceramic or porcelain would be preferable as they appear aesthetic and natural.

Similarly, if the dental bridge is required for rear teeth (where biting forces are more intense), the dentist may recommend ceramic or metal-and-ceramic bridges. These are known for their resilience and strength.

If you are considering getting missing teeth replaced, please contact Shore Dental for more information. We will first assess your teeth thoroughly before beginning any dental work, and the dentist will discuss suitable options with you before determining the right one for your needs.