Dental Bonding in North Port, FL

Are you feeling undecided between dental bonding and teeth whitening treatment? While teeth whitening has its benefits, dental bonding can also improve your smile in many ways.

Dental bonding procedures involve the application and shaping of composite resin material to mask minor, aesthetic problems. Our dentists will use a shade card to select a shade that closely matches your natural teeth to allow for an even, pleasing effect.

Why You Should Consider Dental Bonding in North Port, FL

Teeth whitening can help brighten up all your teeth while dental bonding is more useful when there are one or more teeth that need correction. Dental bonding serves multiple purposes, and many patients request treatment for cosmetic or medical reasons.

The most common reasons to get dental bonding done include the following:

  • Repair chipped or cracked teeth
  • Mask discolorations and improve the appearance of stained teeth
  • Close gaps between teeth
  • Lengthen small teeth for a more balanced set of teeth
  • Cover tooth roots that have become exposed due to receding gums

Please contact us for more information regarding our range of cosmetic treatments, including teeth whitening, crowns, implants, polishing, tooth shaping, and dental bonding near you.

Why You Should Get Cracked Teeth Treated at the Earliest

Patients may have visible or invisible cracks on their teeth. Cracks may show up as horizontal or vertical lines and may appear above or below the gum line. You may experience erratic pain during chewing or biting, and your tooth may become more sensitive.

Biting down on a cracked tooth may irritate the pulp inside and cause pain. Your dentist will be able to identify fractured teeth during dental exams (although cracks may not always show up on X-rays).

Dental bonding is ideal for minor cracks and chips. However, if the crack continues below the gum line, we may suggest getting dental crowns. Our friendly team at Shore Dental offers reliable dental bonding treatment in North Port, FL.