Cosmetic Dentistry in North Port, FL

First impressions are crucial when conducting business, meeting your loved one’s family, or going on job interviews. However, teeth that are stained, have chips, or cracks can be off-putting to many people. Instead of taking chances with your smile, consult our dentist at Shore Dental to discover how we can improve your teeth with cosmetic dentistry in North Port, FL.

What are Cosmetic Procedures?

Anything that improves how your teeth look is regarded as cosmetic, even if it improves their function. Our dentists in North Port, FL offer many ways to revitalize your teeth. We offer several cosmetic treatments, including those listed below.

Teeth Whitening

Many of the foods and drinks people consume can leave stains behind, as can habit like smoking. Our staff at Shore Dental offers this cosmetic dentistry procedure near you to eliminate temporary stains using products with hydrogen peroxide that bleaches them white again. We have in-house and take-home whitening products for our patients.


Veneers are thin shells of material glued to the fronts of teeth to cover up their flaws. If your teeth have shallow cracks, chipped edges, stains, or gaps in them, our dentist in North Port, FL can trim veneers to cover those flaws and bring new life to your smile. Porcelain veneers are a popular choice because they reflect light like enamel, making them resemble natural teeth.

Teeth Reshaping

Teeth reshaping or contouring can change the length of teeth, shape, or surfaces if they are uneven or chipped. This procedure involves one of our dentists, removing some of the teeth enamel to change their appearance. This procedure can sometimes help if your teeth are misaligned or overcrowded.

Inlays and Onlays

Inlays and onlays go onto damaged premolars or molars in place of fillings if the damage needs more than a filling but there isn’t enough to require a dental crown. While they improve the function of your teeth, they are cosmetic dentistry because no removal of the tooth’s structure is necessary to use them.

If you want a better-looking smile, consult with one of our dentists at Shore Dental to determine which cosmetic procedure they recommend to improve the appearance of your teeth.