Children's Dentistry in North Port, FL

It’s no secret that the dentist’s chair isn’t everyone’s favorite place to be—and this is especially true for children. However, at Shore Dental, we offer children’s dentistry in North Port, FL. Our state-of-the-art office is designed to promote a clean, positive, and welcoming atmosphere for children of all ages.

From your littlest one’s first tooth up to adolescents, we provide the highest quality comprehensive children’s dentistry services. Our skilled dentists are dedicated to your child’s oral health and are specially trained to manage their dentition throughout their developmental childhood and formative teenage years.

More importantly, we care about your kids like family. We continuously strive to make them feel as comfortable and safe as possible when they’re in our care, and we hope to forge long-term relationships with them that are built on trust and respect.

Their First Visit

We recommend scheduling your child’s initial visit before they turn one.

However, your child’s first visit to our office should be a positive experience, no matter their age. In preparation for your appointment, we’d like to suggest avoiding language that may scare your child. If your child feels anxious or nervous about their consultation, we’re fully equipped and prepared to quell their fears.

The Exam

Your child’s first dental examination with us will include the intake of complete medical and dental history. Our kind and caring dentists will also spend some time teaching both you and your child about proper oral hygiene—this means adequate at-home mouth care. We like to put extra focus on education and prevention measures. During your visit, we’ll take some time to provide you with the resources necessary for outstanding life-long oral health.

Once your child is comfortable and ready, our dentist will examine their teeth, gums, bite, and jaw, and discuss with you treatment procedure options if necessary.

We take the utmost pride in offering quality children’s dentistry services in North Port, FL. Call us at Shore Dental today to schedule your child’s appointment.