August 10, 2020

As summer comes to a close, you and your family are probably gearing up for the next school year. Between getting new school supplies and making sure your child still fits in their school clothes, have you taken them in for their regular dental checkup yet? Your son or daughter should get a checkup and cleaning every six months, and now is a great opportunity to ensure their mouth is healthy before your schedule starts to fill up. But that’s not the only benefit! Read on to learn how a quick visit to your North Port children’s dentist before school starts can help set them up for success for the rest of the year!

Spot & Stop Oral Health Issues Early

Unfortunately, most oral health issues develop and progress stealthily, only becoming noticeable when they begin to cause damage or discomfort. While your little one’s smile seems healthy now, they may be complaining about a toothache or dental sensitivity later in the school year. Regular dental checkups play a key role in detecting problems as early as possible, before they become larger issues and when they’re the easiest to treat. In fact, the goal of these checkups is to prevent oral health conditions from developing in the first place with the help of thorough cleanings and specialized services like fluoride treatments and sealants.

Protect Your Child’s Self-Confidence

Oral health issues aren’t just uncomfortable for your child—they can take a toll on their self confidence as well. Dental pain, inflamed gums, or tooth sensitivity can prevent them from proudly showing off their pearly whites. If your child is feeling self-conscious about the state of their smile, they’ll be less likely to speak up in class or make new friends. A quick dental checkup will ensure their smile is healthy and refreshed for the upcoming school year.

Improve School Performance

Did you know that your little one’s oral health can influence their academic grades? They may have a difficult time paying attention in class or while completing homework if they’re distracted by a cavity or gingivitis. Eventually, their oral health issues may become so bad that they need to miss school to get the dental care they need. Studies indicate that around 52 million hours of school are missed every year because of dental problems or procedures. A checkup and cleaning before school starts will help them avoid absences and allow them to do their best in class!

A back-to-school checkup now can help your child take on the next school year confidently and refreshed! Call your North Port dentist today to schedule their appointment and set your little one up for success.

About the Practice

The talented team of Shore Dental is proud to provide comfortable, friendly, and effective dental care to the families of North Port, FL. They’ve worked hard to create a friendly, relaxed atmosphere where they can offer a comprehensive menu of services for smiles of all ages. Their children’s dentistry focuses on education and preventive care to help your son or daughter develop great oral health and feel good about taking care of their smile. To schedule their back-to-school checkup, don’t hesitate to contact them via their website or at (941) 257-0826.