How Does One Know if They Need Root Canal Therapy?

How Does One Know if They Need Root Canal Therapy?

May 1, 2022

A patient can’t know if they need a root canal while the dental pulp infection is in the early stages. This is because only a dentist can diagnose the initial signs. By the time the physical symptoms appear, the problem is more advanced. Therefore, to arrest an infected root canal before it escalates; regularly see the dentist at the dental office in North Port, FL.

What Is a Root Canal?

Most people refer to ‘root canal’ as a treatment. However, a root canal is the hollow part of the tooth. It contains blood vessels, nerves, and connective tissues. These are dental pulps. They nourish the tooth and help it to grow and function. The procedure itself is known as root canal therapy. It is an endodontic procedure used to remove an infection from the pulp.

Infection or damage to the dental pulp may be caused by several factors. They include untreated dental cavities, multiple procedures on a tooth, or dental trauma. An injury to the tooth may lead it to crack, chip, or even damage the pulp without affecting the outer part of the tooth. The damage creates access for bacteria to reach and infect the tissues.

Signs You May Require a Root Canal Therapy

  1. You Have Pain When ChewingDental pain is one of the indicators that you need this endodontic therapy. The dental pulp is affected if you cannot chew without experiencing discomfort. It is due to the pressure applied to a tooth. Visit a dentist experienced in treating root canals near North Port, FL, to determine if the nerves or blood vessels are inflamed. Root canal therapy eases pain.
  2. Your Gums Are Dark, Swollen, Or TenderChanges in the appearance of your gums indicate a problem beneath the surface. For example, your gums may become swollen and tender when touched. This is caused by acidic waste products released by dead dental pulp tissues. You may also notice gum discoloration since the blood vessels are infected or dead. In addition, little pimples or abscess, which smells bad when broken, appear on your gums.
  3. You Have A Cracked ToothA crack may appear on your tooth due to dental trauma or chewing on something hard. If it leads to the inner parts of the tooth, bacteria can set in, leading to infection. The nerves will become inflamed and cause pain that requires root canal treatment. If left untreated, the disease may enter the bloodstream and require the attention of an emergency dentist in North Port.
  4. Your Teeth Are Very Sensitive To Cold Or Hot Foods And DrinksYou may experience a dull ache that progresses into sharp, intense pain whenever you take cold or hot foods. The pain lingers longer, even after you stop taking the food or drink. This is known as tooth sensitivity and indicates that the nerve endings in your teeth are damaged or infected. It requires the attention of a root canal specialist.
  5. Tooth DiscolorationWhen the tissues in the dental pulp are infected or dead, the tooth becomes discolored. This is due to an inadequate supply of blood to your tooth since the blood vessels are affected. Look out for a grayish-black appearance on your tooth. It may indicate that you need root canal treatment at the dental office in North Port, FL.

Root Canal Treatment Process

You will need root canal therapy when your dentist establishes that your dental pulp is damaged or infected. Before a root canal near North Port, FL, the dentist will give you antibiotics to treat the infection. The root canal procedure is pain-free since it is done under anesthesia.

The dentist will use special tools and techniques to remove bacteria and dead or infected tissue. Next, the area is thoroughly cleaned, and the infection is treated using antibiotics. Next, the root canal is filled, and the tooth is sealed to prevent re-infection. Finally, the dentist places a customized dental crown over the tooth. It protects and strengthens the treated tooth.

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