Four Tips from an Emergency Dentist in North Port, FL

Four Tips from an Emergency Dentist in North Port, FL

April 1, 2023

No one likes waking up planning a visit to an emergency dentist nearby. Unfortunately, dental emergencies can occur without warning. The crisis may be in the form of a knocked-out tooth from contact sporting activities, biting your mouth’s soft tissues too hard, or chipping your tooth during a slip and fall. Therefore it is best to stay prepared for such occasions, knowing what actions you can take to tackle the pain and prevent further damage to your mouth to reduce treatment costs.

Tips from an Emergency Dentist

The following tips are from an emergency dentist near you that you must remember.

Avoid Exerting Pressure

If you have a loosened tooth, you might be tempted to pull it out to overcome the situation. However, dentists advise you to refrain from doing so. Pulling a loosened tooth is not similar to ripping plaster tape. Exerting undue pressure on the tooth and the surrounding tissue can worsen your situation. In addition, the soft tissues may sustain further damage making necessary costly and intensive treatments. Therefore when a dental emergency occurs, you must be gentle and refrain from applying pressure on the oral cavity.

Attempt to Stop Bleeding

If you have moderate bleeding in the mouth, the dentist in North Port suggests you rinse your mouth using warm water because it helps inhibit the bleeding and relax oral tissues. Unfortunately, if you have severe bleeding, you can use a clean cotton cloth to hold it over the area. It is best not to apply excessive pressure but keep it moderate to stop the bleeding. The cloth must remain on the bleeding site for some time until the blood clots, when you can proceed and clean your mouth with warm water gently.

Use Saltwater Rinse

Saltwater rinses with antiseptic properties help soothe many dental problems. Your oral tissues soothe, and the rinse acts as a muscle relaxant to provide relief from the pain. However, the risk of infections exists with every dental injury. Rinsing your mouth with saline water is also helpful if you have a dental abscess. The solution helps draw out the pus to alleviate discomfort. In addition, you can also use cotton to clean the affected area, keeping it free from irritants.

Avoid Eating or Drinking

During dental emergencies, you must stay away from eating or drinking until you have your situation evaluated by the emergency dentist in North port. After assessing your dental condition, the dentist will provide instructions on the foods you can have. Therefore besides water, you must refrain from drinking anything and staying away from foods. Having foods during dental emergencies can worsen the damage and enhance discomfort and irritation. In addition, your teeth sustain pressure when chewing, which you must try to avoid. For example, if you have a minor tooth fracture, chewing constraints can eventually cause the tooth to break. Therefore it helps if you keep your mouth relaxed at rest until you reach the dentist’s office.

In Conclusion

Dental emergencies can and will happen, making it essential to have a plan because it can mean the difference between saving or losing your tooth. Delaying a trip to the dentist’s office in North port, FL, after experiencing a dental crisis is no excuse.

When you delay receiving treatment for the situation you confront from Dr. Jensen Bouton from Shore Dental, you endure unnecessary pain and help aggravate the condition. Therefore it is best that you remember the primary goal of emergency dentists is to alleviate the pain and symptoms you confront to help you save your tooth.

Whenever you confront a dental emergency, you must ensure you don’t ignore the situation thinking your dental pain will subside with some home remedies or OTC medications. You may find temporary relief from the discomfort, but the infection remains in your mouth, needing help from dental specialists from an emergency dentist sooner or later. The longer you delay treatment, the higher your chances of having a severe infection in your mouth and needing intensive therapies. However, if you visit the dentist mentioned above, they will examine your situation to recommend therapy best suited to your needs. Therefore whenever you experience a dental crisis, kindly do not ignore receiving treatment for the condition from an emergency dentist.

Shore Dental receives many patients who ignore dental situations until it is too late to need expensive and intensive treatments. They suggest patients contact them sooner instead of later when seeking treatment for dental emergencies. If you are in a similar situation, kindly consult them immediately to alleviate discomfort and preserve your teeth.