March 3, 2019

When visiting your dentist in North Port, the last thing you want to hear is that you have a cavity. You work so hard to keep your mouth clean and healthy, and yet, here you are, preparing to have a filling to treat this pesky problem. Cavities are not always brought on by poor oral habits. It may simply be your genes that make you more prone to them. Either way, we’re sure you don’t want to experience another one in your future, so here are a few ways to prevent cavities from forming in the first place.

Establish a Regular Routine

If you want to keep cavities away, it is vital that you establish a good oral hygiene routine. This means that twice a day, you need to brush for two to three minutes. Yes, it takes that long to get rid of the bacteria living on your teeth and around the gum line. So, don’t use any brushing shortcuts! Also, remember that brushing too hard can cause damage to your teeth. It doesn’t take much pressure to get rid of the plaque and tartar.

At least once a day, you should also remember to floss to remove any food particles and bacteria living between your teeth. Talk to your North Port dentist about proper flossing techniques to prevent damaging your gums.

Say No to Sugar

While you may not be able to completely give up the sweet substance, limit the amount of sugar you ingest. The more sugar you eat, the more of a haven you create for bacteria to feed and grow. When too much plaque and tartar build above and below the gum line, it can lead to gum disease. It can also begin to burrow holes in your teeth and cause, you guessed it, cavities.

Flush Out the Food

While you may not always have a toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, and mouthwash on hand, use water to rinse your mouth after a meal. Not only does drinking plenty of water keep you hydrated, and your saliva glands stimulated, but it works to flush out any leftover food in your mouth. Foods like raisins or peanut butter can stick to your teeth, giving bacteria the green light to begin its dirty work, so rinsing with water or chewing sugarless gum can help remove these food items.

Keep Your Appointments

Even if you maintain a thorough dental hygiene regime, avoid the sugar, and drink more water than a camel, it’s still just as important to visit your dentist for your regularly scheduled appointments. Your North Port dentist will be able to examine your mouth in its entirety and look for anything that could cause problems in the future. We promise, you won’t be able to see every nook and cranny of your mouth, but your dentist can with the proper tools.

Cavities don’t have to ruin your smile, so be sure to follow these tips to keep your teeth healthy and clean. Even if a cavity does develop, there are treatment options to help fill the hole and prevent further damage.

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