Dental Sealants Application and Its Benefits

Dental Sealants Application and Its Benefits

June 1, 2022

Once your permanent teeth are grown, they should last for a lifetime. However, this will require you to have good oral care and pay regular visits to your dentist. In addition, you’ll need further treatments to protect your teeth and ensure they serve you as long as you need them. One of those treatments is dental sealants commonly applied during childhood if there is a likeliness of tooth decay. But also, they can be used by adults too.

What Are Dental Sealants?

A dental sealant has a thin coating of plastic that is usually applied to the chewing surfaces of your teeth. These teeth are primarily the back premolars and molars. Dental sealants are clear or white and are not visible on the teeth during activities such as laughing and talking.

Do Dental Sealants Help in Avoiding Tooth Decay?

Our dentist in North Port recommends sealants because they protect teeth from bacteria that lead to tooth decay. Most of the time, dental sealants are applied as soon after the chewing surface of your tooth erupts. This is usually between six and 12 years of age.

However, sealants can also be used by teenagers and adults. It can be effective for them when their teeth have grooves or show signs of decay. Our dentist will help you decide the right time for the sealant treatment.

What Is the Best Tooth Decay Prevention?

There exist different ways to prevent tooth decay, but dental sealants emerge as one of the best tooth decay prevention methods. Dr. Jensen Bouton applies dental sealants on the surface of your tooth to help stop the early stages of decay in the tooth. This protects your tooth from having a full-blown cavity. In addition, sealants reduce the risk of decay up to 80% of molars.

Do Dental Sealants Really Work?

Dental sealants effectively prevent 80% of cavities after two years of application. They also prevent cavities in your mouth for up to nine years with good oral hygiene.

How Are Dental Sealants Applied?

When getting your dental sealants in North Port, FL, you will experience a painless procedure. This procedure doesn’t need drilling or numbing medications. First, our dentist cleans your tooth’s surface to remove plaque and food debris from the fissure and pit surfaces of the teeth selected for sealant placement.

Next, they’ll isolate the tooth to prevent the saliva from covering the pit and fissure surfaces. The dentist will then dry the surface of the tooth. They’ll then etch the tooth’s surface in the pit and fissures areas, rinse the etch and dry your tooth. At this point, the tooth will appear chalky.

Dental sealant material is then applied on the surface of your tooth by following the manufacturer’s directions for application. If they use light-cured sealant material, the light will be on for about 30 seconds of visible light.

Finally, your dentist will evaluate your dental sealant and check its performance.

What are The Benefits of Dental Sealants?

After getting your dental sealants placed at Shore Dental in North Port, our dentists ensure you’ll have long-term benefits that include:

Teeth to Prevent Cavities

If your tooth is showing early signs of decay or cavities, then have a dental sealant placed in our dental office in North Port. This will help prevent further deterioration. Our dentist will keep an eye on your teeth because the sealants are clear and ensure your dental sealant is working perfectly.

Decrease Tooth Decay

Sealants last up to 10 years when practicing proper oral hygiene. Also, you should go for routine check-ups and replacements to our dentist in 34287 if you experience wearing and chipping on the sealed tooth. If you are an adult and still have lingering baby teeth, dental sealants might be the best solution.

Also, you should get sealants if you want to reduce the chances of tooth decay. They protect your teeth from any costly dental procedure in the future due to tooth decay.

Dental Sealants Enhance Appearance

Dental sealants enhance your smile and make your brushing routine easier. When you have sealants, there will be fewer food particles at the back of your mouth. That means more occasional stains and plaque buildup will mean you’ll have a healthier and whiter smile.